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This repo is the lite Github rest v3 api client.

Because I cannot find the whole Github rest api in one file, just several documents pages. So you might need to add api details by yourself into json file. api.json is the example.

Documents link is here


You can check ./example


I use yason for json parser, dexador for http client.


This repo haven't deploy to quicklisp yet, but you can git clone to quicklisp/local-projects folder and (ql:quickload "github-api-cl")

Read api.json file

Suppose we have api.json looks like:

    "repositories": {
        "repositories": {
          "List repositories for a user": {
                "parameters": [
                  ["type", "string"],
                "api": "GET /users/:username/repos",
                "link": ""


;; load system first
(ql:quickload "github-api-cl")

;; read api.json in this repo, path var is github-api-doc::*api-json-file-path*
(github-api-doc:read-api-json) ;; => return a hashtable of this json

;; OR you can give path specially
(github-api-doc:read-api-json #P"/path/to/api.json")

Generate api instance

After read api.json file, you can generate api instance by using github-api-doc:make-api-doc-from-json


;; read api.json
(defparameter *api-docs* (github-api-doc:read-api-json))

;; &rest arguments are the steps of reading json
(defparameter *api-doc* (github-api-doc:make-api-doc-from-json *api-docs* "repositories" "repositories" "List repositories for a user"))

;; Get api-doc: 
;;api-doc object:
;;  api: GET /users/:username/repos,
;;  http method: GET,
;;  slots: (:username),
;;  fmt-control: (/users/~a/repos)
;;  parameters: ((type string) (sort string) (direction string))

;; OR, you can make instance manually
(setf *api-doc* (make-instance 'api-doc
                               :api "GET /users/:username/repos"
                               :parameters '(("type" "string") 
                                             ("sort" "string") 
                                             ("direction" "string")))

api.json is pretty flexible because it just a json file. So you don't have to follow Github api structure if you don't want to. Only part of api.json does github-api-cl care about is this part:

  "parameters": [
    ["type", "string"],
  "api": "GET /users/:username/repos",

You can read this json file and (github-api-doc:make-api-doc-from-json (github-api-doc:read-api-json #P"this-simple-api.json"))

Make github-api client

Making github-api client:

;; make instance of api-client
(defparameter *client-without-token* (make-instance 'github-client:api-client))

;; if you have token for github rest api call, make like this
(defparameter *client-with-token* (make-instance 'github-client:api-client :token "123"))

Call api

With client and api, now we can call api in our code:

;; call api with client and api we made before
(github-client:github-api-call *client-without-token*

;;; REPL will ask you to input `:username`, `type`, `sort`, and `direction`
;;; Then, it will return the dex:http-response, you can find this MULTIPLE-VALUEs 
;;; return format in

;; call POST method api with additional :content keyword
(github-client:github-api-call *client-without-token*
                               :headers '((header0 . value0) (header1 . value1))
                               :content "this argument pass to dexador directly")

github-api-call will call api with the default headers '(("Accept" . "application/vnd.github+json")). Any other headers pass to :headers will been added ("Accept" . "application/vnd.github+json").

From now, github-api-cl's job is done, left all http response back to you, you can do whatever you want.

Wait, if you do not want REPL ask you to input every slots and parameters:

(github-client:github-api-call *client-without-token*
                               :username "lisp"
                               :type "public"
                               :direction "test"
                               :neither-slots-nor-parameter 1) ;; last keyword is redundant

With keywords input, REPL won't ask you anything, just call\"public\"&direction=\"test\".

As example shows, :username fills api slot, :type & :direction fill parameters, :neither-slots-nor-parameter is useless in this api.

For POST method api, :content is the keyword for add the content. It pass to :content keyword of dexador's POST method.


Token, user-name&passd

When you need authorization, you can put :token, :user-name and :passd in github-client:github-api-call as keywords.

Check logic is below :

  • If you input :token, will use token you input
  • If no :token given but client has token already, it will use token stored in client
  • If neither :token nor client's token is given, but has :passd keyword, will use :user-name & passd as authorization. (I just assume you give :user-name too, when you give :passd)

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