Binary Heap for Common Lisp.

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Jeffrey Massung


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Binary Heap for Common Lisp

Simple implementation of a binary heap for Common Lisp. Very useful for priority queues, etc.


To create a new heap, use the make-heap function.

(make-heap test &key key initial-contents)

All heaps require a test function that is used much in the same way a sort function is used. It compares two elements in the heap to determine which should be closer to the top of the heap.

For example...

CL-USER > (make-heap #'> :initial-contents '(1 2 3))
#<HEAP 3 items>

CL-USER > (heap-pop *)

CL-USER > (make-heap #'< :initial-contents '(1 2 3))
#<HEAP 3 items>

CL-USER > (heap-pop *)

If you are storing objects in your heap, the key can be used to in the same way find and other Common Lisp functions use the key to extract the pertinent information from each element.

CL-USER > (make-heap #'> :key #'car :initial-contents '((1 a) (2 b)))
#<HEAP 2 items>

CL-USER > (heap-pop *)
(2 B)

The initial-contents can be any sequence.

Once you have a heap, you can add items to it with heap-push and remove items from it with heap-pop.

CL-USER > (setf h (make-heap #'>))
#<HEAP 0 items>

CL-USER > (heap-push 10 h)
#<HEAP 1 items>

CL-USER > (heap-pop h)

NOTE: Be sure and only push items into the heap that can abide by the key and test functions used when creating the heap.

Popping items from an empty heap returns NIL.

CL-USER > (heap-pop (make-heap #'<))

You can look at the top item in the heap (without popping it) with heap-peek.

CL-USER > (heap-peek (make-heap #'> :initial-contents '(1 2 3)))

Removing all elements from the heap can be done with with heap-flush.

CL-USER > (heap-flush (make-heap #'< :initial-contents '(1 2 3)))

Finally, you can get a copy of all the items in the heap with heap-contents. This will return a simple-vector.

CL-USER > (heap-contents (make-heap #'> :initial-contents '(1 2 3)))
#(3 1 2)

Note: The items returned may not be in any discernable order!

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