Canned JSON responses for Hunchentoot

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Brad Melanson <bradmelanson@icloud.com>



This library provides a standard set of JSON responses for Hunchentoot applications. It's been tested on SBCL, CCL, CLISP, and LispWorks but should work anywhere that Hunchentoot and CL-JSON do. If it doesn't work on your Lisp of choice open an issue and I'll investigate.

Best enjoyed with Quicklisp:

(ql:quickload 'json-responses)

Or, to run the included test suite:

(ql:quickload 'json-responses)
(ql:quickload 'json-responses-test)

One generic function (json-response) can accept :status, :headers, :data, and :error keyword arguments:

(json-response :status +http-ok+
               :headers '(("X-HELLO" . "world"))
               :data "Hello, world!"
               :error "Not applicable here, but for demonstration...")

Which would respond with a 200 status code, an X-HELLO header with the value world, a content-type of application/json, and a JSON body like:

    "data": "Hello, world!",
    "error": "Not applicable here, but for demonstration..."

All keyword arguments are optional and have sane defaults. If both data and error are omitted then the body is simply null.

The remaining functions can accept :headers, :data, and :error keyword arguments and have status preset to an appropriate value. :data and :headers default to nil, :error defaults to nil for 100, 200, and 300-level responses and a simple error message for 400 and 500-level responses.

The following functions are included:

  • json-response
  • continue-response
  • switching-protocols-response
  • ok-response
  • created-response
  • accepted-response
  • non-authoritative-information-response
  • no-content-response
  • reset-content-response
  • partial-content-response
  • multiple-choices-response
  • moved-permanently-response
  • moved-temporarily-response
  • see-other-response
  • not-modified-response
  • use-proxy-response
  • temporary-redirect-response
  • bad-request-response
  • authorization-required-response
  • forbidden-response
  • not-found-response
  • method-not-allowed-response
  • not-acceptable-response
  • proxy-authentication-required-response
  • request-timeout-response
  • conflict-response
  • gone-response
  • length-required-response
  • precondition-failed-response
  • request-entity-too-large-response
  • request-uri-too-long-response
  • unsupported-media-type-response
  • requested-range-not-satisfiable-response
  • expectation-failed-response
  • internal-server-error-response
  • not-implemented-response
  • bad-gateway-response
  • service-unavailable-response
  • gateway-timeout-response
  • http-version-not-supported-response

Dependencies (3)

  • cl-json
  • fiveam
  • hunchentoot

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    • Quicklisp