KD-TREE package for searching for nearest neighbors in N points in in M-dimensions in N log(N) time.

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KDTREE-JK is a package for building efficent KD-Trees in Common Lisp

A KD-Tree is a data structure for searching N-dimensional space in log(N) time by partitioning a data set iteratively across dimensions.

In KDTREE-JK, data are stored in block arrays instead of linked structures, for minimal (usually zero) consing and allocation overheads. This is in contrast to a canonical KD-Tree implementation that uses linked lists, which wastes memory on boxing.

Balancing is done in-place with Wirth's median partition method, so it should be fast and memory efficient. Insertion of one object and searching is O(log(N)), and re-partitioning is O(N[log(N)]^2)

By default, all floats are double precision, but this can be changed in kdtree-jk-structs.lisp in the line

  (deftype kd-float ()


See doc/reference.txt

See doc/reference-latlon.txt for documentation to a second package, KDTREE-JK/LATLON, to search in longitude,latitude coordinates by converting to 3d points on a unit sphere.

kdtree-jk is written in pure Common Lisp, with no dependencies.

Submit bug reports at https://github.com/jetmonk/kdtree-jk/issues

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