A Symbolic Software for Effective Homology Computation by Francis Sergeraert

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Kenzo is a Symbolic Software for Effective Homology Computation and should be of interest to students and researchers in algebraic topology.

This repository contains a repackaged version of the Kenzo program developed by Francis Sergeraert and collaborators. The original version of the program can be found at . This version updates its infrastructure by providing the following:

  1. A simple regression test suite based on FiveAM
  2. Support for the great freely available Lisp compilers out there, including CCL, ECL, SBCL, etc.
  3. Installation via the Quicklisp library manager
  4. Updated documentation and examples runnable from cl-jupyter

The primary source of documentation is the excellent Kenzo Handbook. The easiest way to get started with Kenzo is to peruse a matching set of Jupyter notebooks. In the notebooks folder, there is one notebook for each chapter in the Kenzo handbook. NOTE: The first time you try to access the Kenzo JupterHub site, you will be prompted to authenticate via GitHub.

Please consult the Wiki for news, different installation methods, and other Kenzo topics.



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