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========================================= mailgun - send emails from Common Lisp! ========================================= .. Everything starting from this commit will be inserted into the index page of the HTML documentation. .. include-from This library provides an easy way to send transactional emails through .. note:: You don't have to setup your own SMTP servers! And they have a "free" plan with 10000 emails per month. Reasoning ========= Previously, I used this code in one of my projects, but seems this functionality needed almost in any serious web application. So, I decided to make it available as a separate library. Here is how to use it ===================== First, setup an account at You need to add your domain there and to reveive an authentication token. .. code-block:: common-lisp (setf mailgun:*domain* "") (setf mailgun:*api-key* "key-************************") (mailgun:send ("" "" "Mail subject") (:h1 "This is a test letter") (:p "It is in a HTML format and supports some tags" "For example, I can make " (:b "a bold text") ".") (:p "And here we have some items, passed to the template:") (:ul (loop for item in items do (mailgun:htm (:li item))))) Roadmap ======= * Add support for styles, build them with LASS and embed into an email's markup. .. Everything after this comment will be omitted from HTML docs. .. include-to Building Documentation ====================== Provide instruction how to build or use your library. How to build documentation -------------------------- To build documentation, you need a Sphinx. It is documentaion building tool written in Python. To install it, you need a virtualenv. Read this instructions `how to install it <>`_. Also, you'll need a `cl-launch <>`_. It is used by documentation tool to run a script which extracts documentation strings from lisp systems. Run these commands to build documentation:: virtualenv --python python2.7 env source env/bin/activate pip install -r docs/requirements.txt invoke build_docs These commands will create a virtual environment and install some python libraries there. Command ``invoke build_docs`` will build documentation and upload it to the GitHub, by replacing the content of the ``gh-pages`` branch. Authors ======= * Alexander Artemenko ( Copyright ========= Copyright (c) 2018 Alexander Artemenko (

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