Montezuma is a port of the Lucene text search engine library.

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John Wiseman <> et al., Yoni Rabkin <>


Leslie P. Polzer <>


MIT/Expat, GNU General Public License
Portions copyright 2006 John Wiseman <> See the revision log for more information on authors and contributors. Montezuma is maintained by Leslie P. Polzer <> and Yoni Rabkin <> ** Introduction Montezuma is a text search engine library for Lisp based on the Ferret library[1] for Ruby, which is itself based on the Lucene library[2] for Java. [1] [2] ** Requirements Montezuma 1.0 has been tested with SBCL 1.0.55 (Linux/x86) and CCL 1.6-r14469M (Linux x86). Montezuma requires the CL-PPCRE[1] and CL-FAD[2] libraries. The only implementation-dependent code in Montezuma is in src/util/mop.lisp. To add support for another implementation may be as simple as adding one line to the definition of the CLASS-SLOTS function and one to SLOT-DEFINITION-NAME. [1] [2] ** Installation and Loading You can use Quicklisp to install and load Montezuma: (ql:quickload 'montezuma) ** Testing Once Montezuma has been loaded, you can run the unit tests if you like: (asdf:oos 'asdf:test-op '#:montezuma) ** Use See TUTORIAL.TXT for more information on how to use Montezuma. The Montezuma project page at contains the latest information about Montezuma. ** Acknowledgements Thanks to Dave Balmain, Gary King, Peter Seibel (for his META-inspired parser), Xach Beane (for the heap implementation from his TIMER library[1]) and Franz. Inc. (for their Porter stemmer[2]). [2] [3]

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  • cl-fad
  • cl-ppcre
  • lift
  • trivial-timeout

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