A collection of Common Lisp modules.

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A collection of Common Lisp utilities provided as modules.

The modules provided are small enough to fit in a single file and Common Lisp package, and an ASDF system definition may not be justified for them.


In your ASDF system, depend-on :mutils, and then use :require to pick the modules to load.


(asdf:defsystem :mutils-example
  :depends-on (:mutils 
                 (:require :lisp-critic-warnings)
                 (:require :auto-gensym)))


Modules are single Lisp files that follow a format similar to Emacs Packages.

They start with a commented section:

  • The first line is header with the module name and a short description.
  • Then a Copyright and license, followed by some module properties, like author, version, requirements, and more.
  • A commentary section with a long description of the module, with usage instructions and examples.

Then a section with the module source code:

  • require calls are placed at the top.
  • The definition of a package and the source code of the module.
  • A provide call at the end of the file.

The template looks like this:

;;; <module name> --- <module short description>

;; Copyright (C) 2023 <author>. All rights reserved.

;; This work is licensed under the terms of the <license> license.  
;; For a copy, see <<license>>.

;; Author: <author> <email>
;; Version: <module version>
;; Requires: <required modules separated by comma>

;;; Commentary:

;; <long module description with usage instructions and examples>

;;; Code:

(require :<requirementA>)
(require :<requirementB>)

(defpackage :<module-package>
  (:use :cl))

(in-package :<module-package>)

... <module source code> ...

(provide :<module-name>)

An example module:

;;; plump-xpath --- xpath extension for plump.

;; Copyright (C) 2023 Mariano Montone. All rights reserved.

;; This work is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.  
;; For a copy, see <>.

;; Author: Mariano Montone <>
;; Version: 0.1
;; Requires: plump, xpath

;;; Commentary:

;; xpath extension for plump.

;;; Code:

(require :plump)
(require :xpath)

(defpackage :plump-xpath
  (:use :cl))

(in-package :plump-xpath)


(provide :plump-xpath)


I welcome contributions of new modules. If you are interested in mutils shipping yours, create a pull request or attach your file with the module.

Modules should be general purpose and be compact enough to fit into a single file and package. Although they can also depend on other modules.

The module file should follow the format described in this document.

Modules api (mutils package)



Print a description of module.



Print a description of available mutils modules.


(&optional (return :name))

List mutils modules. RETURN can be:

  • :name . Just returns the name of the modules, as a keyword. Default.
  • :details. Parses the modules and returns its details.



Parse a Lisp module file.

Returns the name of the module, its short description, its properties (author, requirements, keywords, etc.), its long description/comment with instructions of usage, etc.

List of modules

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