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Michał "phoe" Herda <>


BSD 2-clause

PHOE-TOOLBOX - A personal utility library

This is a collection of Lisp utilities that I have collected, and will have collected, over time.

All exported functions are expected to be documented.


A bag is a simple data structure that allows the following:

  • Inserting elements in O(n)
  • Retrieving elements at random in O(1)
  • Returning the count of all elements in O(1)

Basically, if a stack is LIFO, if a queue is FIFO, then a bag is RIRO (random in, random out).

They are of type BAG and are created via MAKE-BAG. Contents of a bag are an unspecialized adjustable vector accessible via BAG-CONTENTS. You can BAG-INSERT an element into a bag, BAG-COUNT to get the element count, BAG-REMOVE an element from the bag and, additionally, BAG-COMPRESS the bag's internal vector.

Dependencies (3)

  • alexandria
  • closer-mop
  • trivial-indent

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  • GitHub
  • Quicklisp