RESTAS is a Common Lisp web application framework, based on the Hunchentoot HTTP server. It was developed to simplify development of web applications following the REST architectural style.

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Moskvitin Andrey


`RESTAS`_ is a Common Lisp web application framework. Its key features are: * `RESTAS`_ was developed to simplify development of web applications following the `REST`_ architectural style. * RESTAS is based on the `Hunchentoot`_ HTTP server. Web application development with RESTAS is in many ways simpler than with `Hunchentoot`_, but some knowledge of `Hunchentoot`_ is required, at least about working with hunchentoot:*request* and hunchentoot:*reply*. * Request dispatch is based on a route system. The route system is the key concept of `RESTAS`_ and provides unique features not found in other web frameworks. * The other key `RESTAS`_ concept is its module system, which provides a simple and flexible mechanism for modularized code reuse. * Interactive development support. Any RESTAS code (such as the definition of a route, a module or a submodule) can be recompiled at any time when you work in `SLIME`_ and any changes you made can be immediately seen in the browser. No web server restart or other complicated actions are needed. * `SLIME`_ integration. The inner structure of a web application can be investigated with the standard "SLIME Inspector." For example, there is a "site map" and a simple code navigation with this map. * Easy to use, pure Lisp web application daemonization facility based on `RESTAS`_ and `SBCL`_ in Linux without the use of `Screen`_ or `detachtty`_. * RESTAS is not an MVC framework, although it is not incompatible with the concept. From the MVC point of view, `RESTAS`_ provides the controller level. Nevertheless, `RESTAS`_ provides an effective and flexible way for separation of logic and representation, because it does not put any constraints on the structure of applications. Separation of model and controller can be effectively performed with Common Lisp facilities, and, hence, doesn't need any special support from the framework. * RESTAS does not come with a templating library. `cl-closure-template`_ and `HTML-TEMPLATE`_ are two good templating libraries that can be used with RESTAS. `RESTAS`_ is distributed under the terms of the `Lisp LGPL`_ license. .. _RESTAS: .. _SLIME: .. _Hunchentoot: .. _SBCL: .. _Screen: .. _detachtty: .. _HTML-TEMPLATE: .. _cl-closure-template: .. _REST: .. _Lisp LGPL:

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  • alexandria
  • bordeaux-threads
  • cffi
  • cl-routes
  • cl-sphinx
  • data-sift
  • hunchentoot
  • restas-directory-publisher
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  • Quicklisp