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# select-file ### Copyright (c) 2017-2018 John Carroll, Ann Copestake, Robert Malouf, Stephan Oepen ### Copyright (c) 2020 John Carroll, Ann Copestake, Robert Malouf, Stephan Oepen, Angelo Rossi ### Author: John Carroll _<>_ ### Repackaging, additions for OpenBSD, FreeBSD: Angelo Rossi _<>_ File selector dialog for use with McCLIM applications ===================================================== ## License MIT A file selector for CLIM 2, including some programmable customization features. The API is similar to the select-file in the Franz Inc CLIM 2 User Guide, but is intended to be more usable than the Franz implementation, and to provide a facility that's missing from McCLIM (there is no select-file in the CLIM 2 Specification). It also takes inspiration and some implementation ideas from the nice file browsers in the McCLIM Lisp Listener, Gsharp, and Ernestine. Developed and tested in McCLIM versions up to mcclim-20200218 (in SBCL and Clozure CL); also in Franz Allegro CLIM 2.1 / Allegro CL 10.0. Not (yet) tested in LispWorks or Liquid CLIM. select-file &rest args &key (frame-name 'file-selector) title (prompt "Name:") (directory (user-homedir-pathname)) (dialog-type :save) show-hidden-p (ok-label "OK") &allow-other-keys Other keyword arguments are passed through to make-application-frame, so the programmer may also call select-file with arguments accepted by that function. These include: left top right bottom width height icon properties user-specified-position-p user-specified-size-p (only in Allegro CLIM) text-style foreground background (only relevant for Allegro CLIM, since it passes these two arguments down to gadget panes) A calling program may specialize the file-selector class and pass the new class name via the :frame-name argument. The generic functions list-directory, list-places and list-devices can be specialised on this new file selector class. E.g. (defclass my-file-selector (sf:file-selector) ()) (defmethod sf:list-places ((frame my-file-selector)) (append (call-next-method) (list #P"~/common-lisp/mcclim/"))) (sf:select-file :frame-name 'my-file-selector) The following potential issues have been tested: unreadable directories, 'hidden' files and directories, large directories (e.g. /usr/bin/), filenames containing non-printing characters, reentrancy (more than one concurrent dialog), 'places' that are files not directories. It would have been good to have a drop-down menu containing the path to the directory being displayed, but unfortunately the obvious choice of using an option-list pane doesn't work since the items in an option-list cannot be dynamically updated. Distinctive features: * When dialog-type is :save the user may type in a file name (for use as a "save file" dialog), when it is :open the user may only select existing files, and when it is :directory the user may only select existing directories. * If the user resizes the dialog, the files/directories pane updates its layout to make best use of the horizontal space. * The programmer can change the pre-supplied lists of files/directories, places and devices in the left-hand pane. Bugs: * In Allegro CLIM, clicking in the left or right browsing pane and then typing causes the characters to be written into the frame not the filename text field; also, the filename text field must be clicked on before it can be typed into. Examples: (sf:select-file) (sf:select-file :title "Open" :prompt "File:" :dialog-type :open :ok-label "Open") (sf:select-file :dialog-type :save :show-hidden-p t) (sf:select-file :dialog-type :directory) (sf:select-file :directory "/usr/bin/" :left 300 :top 200 :width 400 :height 600)

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