An implementation of Snappy compression.

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Robert Brown <>


New BSD license. See the copyright messages in individual files.
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A Common Lisp implementation of Google's Snappy data compression library. The original name for Google's Snappy compression library was Zippy.

The Snappy API

compress buffer index limit

Compresses the contents of BUFFER, a vector of (UNSIGNED-BYTE 8), from position
INDEX to position LIMIT.  Returns two values, a vector of type (UNSIGNED-BYTE 8)
holding the compressed data and an integer indicating the number of
compressed octets in the vector.

maximum-compressed-length uncompressed-length

Returns the maximum size a vector of length UNCOMPRESSED-LENGTH may take up
after it is compressed.

uncompress buffer index limit

Uncompresses BUFFER, a vector of (UNSIGNED-BYTE 8), from position INDEX to
LIMIT.  Returns the uncompressed data as a vector of (UNSIGNED-BYTE 8).

uncompressed-length buffer index limit

Returns the uncompressed length of the compressed data stored in BUFFER from
position INDEX to LIMIT.

For more information, see the documentation strings in snappy.lisp, the example code in snappy-test.lisp, and Google's GitHub Snappy page.

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