A client library for the Studio image hosting service

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Yukari Hafner <>


Yukari Hafner <>



About Studio-Client

This is a common lisp client library for the Studio image gallery hosting software.

How To

Note that this requires the r-oauth module to be present on the Radiance instance Studio is hosted on. You will also need to create an oAuth application on the Radiance instance to authenticate through. On the default TyNET instance, this can be done in the admin panel.

Create your application and load up Studio-Client, including the North backend of your choice.

(ql:quickload '(studio-client north-drakma))

Once armed with an application key and secret, you can create a client instance:

(defvar *client* (make-instance 'studio-client:client 
                   :api-base <API-URL>
                   :key <KEY>
                   :secret <SECRET>))

On the default TyNET instance the api-base would be "". Once a client has been created, start the oAuth flow with north:initiate-authentication and visit the URL it returns.

(north:initiate-authentication *client*)
; =>

Once you have authorised the application on the page, copy the code it gives you and pass it to north:complete-authentication

(north:complete-authentication *client* "3D6E639C-A0A8-...")

If this succeeds you should be ready to query the Studio API without any problems.

(studio-client:galleries *client*)
; => (#<STUDIO-CLIENT:GALLERY shinmera #1> #<STUDIO-CLIENT:GALLERY anon #11> ...)
(studio-client:uploads *client* (first *))
; => (#<STUDIO-CLIENT:UPLOAD "I know everything" #1286> ...)
(studio-client:file-url *client* (first (studio-client:files (first *))))
; =>

See the two primary objects gallery and upload for more information.

Dependencies (4)

  • babel
  • documentation-utils
  • jzon
  • north

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