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;; -*- MODE: LISP -*- ;; ;; Brian Jiang (brianjcj AT ;; 2007-11 ;; ;; TelnetLib ;; ========= ;; In our ordinary work, we often write some automatically scripts ;; which login in the server to run some commands and performce some ;; actions based on the result of the commands. In this case, a telnet ;; client library will be very helpful. Such a library is very handy ;; in Perl, Python and Ruby. But I googled it a lot and failed to find ;; one in Common Lisp. So I decided to port the Telnetlib from Python ;; to Common Lisp. Why port from Python? Because I am more familiar ;; with Python and have use its TelnetLib before :-) ;; ;; The functionality of this library is almost the same as Python's ;; one. But the interface is a little different. ;; Supported Lisp implementations ;; ============================== ;; - SBCL ;; - LispWorks ;; - Allegro CL ;; - CLISP ;; ;; TelnetLib also supports other Lisp implementations (require USOCKET ;; and FLEXI-STREAMS) . But I have never done any testing for them. ;; Testing: ;; -------- ;; TelnetLib has been tested in following environment: ;; - sbcl-1.0.11-x86-linux ;; - LispWorks in Windows XP ;; - Allegro CL in Windows XP ;; - CLISP 2.43 in Linux ;; - CLISP 2.41 in Windows XP ;; ;; But it failed in sbcl-1.0.9 in Windows XP. Error occurs ;; when writing the socket stream. ;; Library Dependency ;; ================== ;; For SBCL, LispWorks, Allegro CL and CLISP, it only depends on ;; CL-PPCRE. ;; For other Lisp implementations, USOCKET and FLEXI-STREAMS (to ;; set the external-format) are also required. ;; Known Problem ;; ============= ;; Don't work well when telent localhost. It seems it is due to the process/thread ;; schedule mechanism. Will try to fix it in the future. ;; How to use it ;; ============= ;; Export functions/macros: ;; ------------------------ (defun open-telnet-session (host &optional port)...) (defun close-telnet-session (tn)....) (defmacro with-telnet-session ((tn host &optional port) &body body)....) (defun set-telnet-session-option (tn &key (remove-return-char nil r-r-c-p) (debug-on nil debug-on-p) (char-callback nil char-callback-p) (option-callback nil option-callback-p) (sb-option-callback nil sb-option-callback-p))...) (defun peek-available-data (tn &optional block-read)....) (defun read-available-data (tn &optional block-read).... (defun read-until (tn str &key (timeout 600) case-insensitive-mode)....) (defun read-until-2 (tn strings &key (timeout 600) case-insensitive-mode)....) (defun read-until-2-ind (tn strings &key (timeout 600) case-insensitive-mode)....) (defun expect (tn regexp &optional (timeout 600))....) (defun format-tn (tn control-string &rest format-arguments)....) (defun write-ln (tn str)....) (defun write-ln-crlr (tn str)....) ;; Example: ;; -------- (defun example-1 () (with-telnet-session (tn "") (set-telnet-session-option tn :remove-return-char t) (read-until tn "ogin:") (write-ln tn "brianjcj") (read-until tn "assword:") (write-ln tn "abcdefg12") (read-until tn ">") (format-tn tn "~A~%" "pwd") ;; stupid demo :-) (read-until tn ">") (write-ln tn "cmd1") (read-until-2 tn (list "Done." "Error" "Pending.") :case-insensitive-mode t) (read-until tn ">") (write-ln tn "cmd2") (expect tn (cl-ppcre:create-scanner "OK\|NO" :case-insensitive-mode t)) (read-until tn ">") (write-ln tn "cmd3") (expect tn "Done\|Try later.") (read-until tn ">") (write-ln tn-vmap "unload testci") (case (read-until-2-ind tn (list "Please confirm (" "has not been loaded yet")) ((0) (read-until tn *prompt*) (sleep *rest-time*) (write-ln tn "Y") (read-until tn *prompt*)) ((1) (read-until tn-vmap *prompt*))) (write-ln tn "exit") (loop until (eof tn) do (read-available-data tn t)) )) (defun example-2 () (with-telnet-session (tn "") (set-telnet-session-option tn :char-callback nil) (princ (read-until tn "ogin:")) (write-ln tn "brianjcj") (princ (read-until tn "PassWord:" :case-insensitive-mode t)) (write-ln tn "zaq12WSX") (princ (read-until tn ">")) (write-ln tn "ls") (princ (read-until tn ">")) (write-ln tn "cmd1") (princ (expect tn "Done\|Error")) (princ (read-until tn ">")) (write-ln tn "cmd2") (princ (read-until-2 tn (list "OK." "Try again" "Later.") :timeout 10)) (princ (read-until tn ">")) (write-ln tn "cmd3") (princ (read-until-2 tn (list "Right" "Wrong") :timeout 10 :case-insensitive-mode t)) (princ (read-until tn ">")) (write-ln tn "cmd4") (princ (expect tn (cl-ppcre:create-scanner "Right\|Wrong" :case-insensitive-mode t))) (princ (read-until tn ">")) (write-ln tn "exit") (loop until (eof tn) do (princ (read-available-data tn t))) ))

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