Type Inference Utility on Fundamentally 1-arg Predicates

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1Type-I : type-inference from a predicate

This library tries to provide a way to detect what kind of type the given predicate is trying to check. This is different from inferring the return type of a function. For example,

(eq 'null (test-type '(eql nil ?)))

(eq 'string (test-type '(stringp ?)))

The inference is done on form basis, and the equivalence of predicates are determined by #'equal. To simplify the design, the argument to check should be a symbol ?, exported in package type-i.

Function test-type returns the inferred type. In contrast, type-tests returns a list of all possible test predicates that returns true when ? is bound to the object of interest.

  (is (subset '((TYPEP ? 'integer)
                (integerp ?))
              (type-tests 'integer)))

  ;; more inference on integers, e.g., (< 0 ? 4), should be added
  (is (subset '((TYPEP ? '(mod 5))
                (TYPEP ? '(integer 0 4)))
              (type-tests '(mod 5))))

This library is extensible. with define-inference-rule macro, you can add more inferers to improve this library. Each inference rule is a unary function that takes a predicate form, then returns a list of more forms.

The test-type searches in the form space, adding the results of each inference rule, until a form (typep ? X) is found (where X is unknown). If it fails to find such a form even if the maximal set is obtained, then the test-type returns nil. type-tests just returns the maximal set.

I currently implemented the following inference rules:

  • typep -- (typep ? 'array) -> (arrayp ?) etc.
  • unary -- (arrayp ?) -> =(typep ? 'array) (typep ? '(array)) (typep ?'(array *))= ...
  • null -- (null ?) (typep ? null) (eql ? nil) (eql nil ?) (eq ? nil) ...
  • derived -- call typexpand

Inference on exhaustive partitions, e.g., (typep ? 'list) -> (typep ? '(or cons null)) is planned.


This library is at least tested on implementation listed below:

  • SBCL 1.2.8 on X86-64 Linux 3.13.0-46-generic (author's environment)

Also, it depends on the following libraries:

Trivia by Masataro Asai
NON-Optimized Pattern Matching Library
alexandria by
Alexandria is a collection of portable public domain utilities.
iterate by
Jonathan Amsterdam's iterator/gatherer/accumulator facility
introspect-environment by Bike <aeshtaer@gmail.com>
Small interface to portable but nonstandard introspection of CL environments.


  • Masataro Asai (guicho2.71828@gmail.com)


Copyright (c) 2015 Masataro Asai (guicho2.71828@gmail.com)


Licensed under the LLGPL License.

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  • alexandria
  • fiveam
  • introspect-environment
  • lisp-namespace
  • trivia

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