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workout-timer is a trivial workout timer written in Common Lisp. Its behavior can be configured with various invocation flags, but its default mode is to offer a 7-minute workout. Being written in Common Lisp, it is pretty easy to modify for anyone who knows how to program in Lisp.

workout-timer has only been tested on Linux (using SBCL, but any other implementation should do). All its dependencies are in Quicklisp. Its main dependency is mixalot which itself depends on various C libraries that may or may not configuration tweaks to work on other operating systems. Its invocation script relies on cl-launch.

On Ubuntu, I notably had to:

apt-get install sbcl cl-launch libvorbis-dev


From a Unix shell command-line, you can invoke it with:


Get its version with:

./workout-timer -V

Usage with:

./workout-timer -h

Implicit default behavior:

./workout-timer -v 1.0 -w 30 -p 10 \
  -e "Jumping jack" -e "Wall sit" -e "Push-up" -e "Abdominal crunch" \
  -e "Step-up onto chair" -e "Squat" -e "Triceps dip on chair" -e "Plank" \
  -e "High knees running in place" -e "Lunge" -e "Push-up and rotation" -e "Side plank"

Or, from the SBCL (SLIME) REPL:

(load "~/quicklisp/setup.lisp")
(ql:quickload "workout-timer")
(workout-timer:mix-it :volume 1.0 :work-seconds 30 :pause-seconds 10)

Dependencies (5)

  • cffi
  • command-line-arguments
  • local-time
  • mixalot
  • uiop

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