A utility library implementing a common structure to encapsulate spatial transformations

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Yukari Hafner <shinmera@tymoon.eu>


Yukari Hafner <shinmera@tymoon.eu>


# This library has been superseded by "3d-math"(https://shinmera.github.io/3d-math) ## About 3d-transforms This is a library that uses the other 3d-* math libraries to present an encapsulation for a spatial transformation. It offers convenience functions for operating on such transformations and for converting between them and the alternative 4x4 matrix representation. Typically you will want a transform representation like this rather than a direct matrix representation, as it preserves the components of the transform and avoids issues like gimbal lock through the use of quaternions. ## How To Load it through ASDF or Quicklisp :: (ql:quickload :3d-transforms) (use-package :org.shirakumo.flare.transform) :: Create a transform: :: (transform) :: And then move it around :: (tmove-by * 1 2 3) (tscale-by * 2 1 1) (trotate-by * 3d-vectors:+vy+ PI) :: If you would then like to transform a point from the space local to the transform to the global space, you can use ``t*p`` :: (t*p * (vec 1 2 3)) :: Alternatively if you need a matrix representation in order to, say, upload to the GPU, you can use ``tmat4``. If you need to stack transforms, you can do so by adding them together via ``t+`` or ``nt+``. Underneath a ``transform`` is just a combination of a ``tlocation`` vector, a ``tscaling`` vector, and a ``trotation`` quaternion. You can access and directly manipulate these values as well if needed. ## Also See - "3d-vectors"(https://shinmera.github.io/3d-vectors) for Vector operations in conjunction with this library. - "3d-matrices"(https://shinmera.github.io/3d-matrices) for Matrix operations in conjunction with this library. - "3d-quaternions"(https://shinmera.github.io/3d-quaternions) for Quaternion operations in conjunction with this library.

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  • 3d-matrices
  • 3d-quaternions
  • 3d-vectors
  • documentation-utils
  • parachute

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