Bindings to libflac, a simple FLAC decoding library

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Yukari Hafner <>


Yukari Hafner <>



About cl-flac

This is a bindings library to libflac, a simple library for decoding FLAC files.

How To

Precompiled versions of the underlying library are included in this. If you want to build it manually however, refer to the libflac page.

Load the system through ASDF or Quicklisp:

(ql:quickload :cl-flac)

Create a new file object:

(defvar *file* (cl-flac:make-file #p"~/my-cool-music.flac"))

You can query the file information with samplerate, channels, sample-count, frame-count, and bits-per-sample.

Reading samples from the file happens with read-directly, read-into-vector, or read-to-vector. A basic playback loop could look like this:

(loop with buffer = (make-array 512 :element-type 'single-float)
      for samples = (cl-flac:read-into-vector *file* buffer)
      until (= 0 samples)
      do (process-buffer-somehow buffer))

When you're done with the file, you can either just let it be GCd or close it explicitly with close-file.

A complete test that allows you to play back a flac file is included in test.lisp

Dependencies (4)

  • cffi
  • documentation-utils
  • trivial-features
  • trivial-garbage

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