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# CL-Gravatar Common Lisp bindings to the popular [Gravatar]( service. ### (image-url _email_ &key _size default force-default-p rating_) * _size_ is an integer for the number of pixels along a side. Gravatar images are always square. * _default_ may be either a URL to your own image, or one of `:404`, `:mm`, `:identicon`, `:monsterid`, `:wavatar`, or `:retro`. * _force-default-p_ indicates whether to always use the default, even if another image is available. This is useful when you use a hash-based default like `:identicon` that is unique per user. * _rating_ may be one of `:g`, `:pg`, `:r`, or `:x` and indicates the level of "vulgarity" that you allow on your site. The default is `:g`. ### (profile _email_) This returns the cl-json formatted profile of the user. Eventually we'll parse this into better structures, but that is TBD. ### (profile-url _email_ _js-callback_) If you want to process the profile data using client-side JavaScript, this generates a URL that you can use as a `src` value to the HTML `script` element. And the JavaScript function named by _js-callback_ will be called on the resulting JSON data. ### (qr-code-url _email_ &key _size_) This returns an image URL for a QR code that encodes the URL of the user's profile page.

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  • babel
  • cl-json
  • drakma
  • md5
  • puri

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