Bindings to the k8055 DAQ hobby board.

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Yukari Hafner <>



About cl-k8055d

Interface for the Velleman K8055 USB kit through the K8055 linux driver. The driver library is included for x86-64 and ARM.

How To

First you will need to install the udev rules into your system in order to be able to connect to and use the Velleman device from a standard user account without administrator privileges. To do so, copy the velleman.rules file to /etc/udev/rules.d/. You may need to restart your system in order for the rules to take effect.

Connect to the board/s.


Read out or set some values to the inputs/outputs.

;; Inputs
(k8055:digital 0)
(k8055:analog 0)
(k8055:analogf 0)
(k8055:analogv 0)
;; Outputs
(setf (k8055:digital 1) T)
(setf (k8055:analog 0) 120)
(setf (k8055:analogf 0) 0.25)
(setf (k8055:analogv 0) 5.0)
;; Counters
(k8055:counter 0)
(k8055:reset-counter 0)

If the voltage mapping that is provided by default (4.7V for outputs, 10V for inputs) is not correct, you can adjust it with the voltage accessor.

Once you're done, you should probably disconnect again.


Dependencies (4)

  • cffi
  • cl-ppcre
  • documentation-utils
  • trivial-features

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