neo4j RESTful Client Interface

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cl-neo4j ---------------- Wrapper over neo4j Graph Database API. cl-neo4j is available under MIT License. Basic API -------------- cl-neo4j package has a very thin REST API wrapper that returns alists of neo4j result. So like in neo4j one has to extract the id by oneself. Functions correspond to those available in API, see restapi.lisp for details. Lispy Wrapper -------------- cl-neo4j-wrapper has a higher level 'lispy' wrapper. Tests ---------- Tests should clean up after themselves, but authors hold no warranty over corrupted data - use fresh testing database. To run tests load cl-neo4j.tests system and run (cl-neo4j.tests:run-all-tests).

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  • cl-ppcre
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  • fiveam
  • split-sequence

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