Bindings to libopusfile, a simple and free OGG/Opus decoding library

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Yukari Hafner <>


# About cl-opus This library implements a wrapper library around opusfile to allow easy decoding of OGG/Opus sound files. Opus is a new codec providing better quality at lower decompression overhead and file size than other formats like Vorbis, AAC, or MP3. ## How To In order to use cl-opus, we'll assume a local nickname for ``org.shirakumo.fraf.opus`` called ``opus``. :: common lisp (opus:with-file (file #p"file.opus") (describe file)) :: Please see the ``file`` entry for a reference to all the information you can retrieve about a file. Please also see the reference entry to ``open`` for the kinds of data sources cl-opus can decode from. In order to decode samples, you can use ``decode-float`` or ``decode-int16``. :: common lisp (opus:with-file (file #p"file.opus") (let ((samples (make-array (* 2 4096) :element-type 'single-float))) (opus:decode-float file samples :stereo T))) :: You might also directly use the low-level functions in the ``org.shirakumo.fraf.opus.cffi`` package, using the ``handle`` of the file for its pointer representation. ## Foreign Library This library ships the required C library by default for the most common operating systems to make it easy to deploy. If you would like to compile the library yourself, please see the readme in the ``lib/`` directory.

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  • cffi
  • documentation-utils
  • static-vectors
  • trivial-features
  • trivial-garbage

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