A few (at least seemingly) missing stream operations in Common Lisp.

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This library adds a few stream manipulation facilities that I haven't been able to figure out using CL's stream facilities. These include:

make-pipe: Make a two way stream (though not of type two-way-stream) that accepts data (via writing to it) and that data can then be read from it. This is similar to the piping mechanism in the shell.

connect-streams: Take an input stream and an output stream and feed all data from the input stream to the output stream. Again, similar to the way shell pipes act, but this is for two existing streams and the other creates two new streams (well, one new two way stream).

1.1Future work

Just now it occurred to me that it would be cool to have this provide a CL (gray) stream interface for ZeroMQ. Most of the work is already done, I believe...

Dependencies (4)

  • bordeaux-threads
  • iterate
  • stefil
  • trivial-gray-streams

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