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Michaël Le Barbier


MIT, MIT License

Rashell – Resilient replicant Shell Programming Library for Common Lisp

The Rashell package defines primitives which combine ease of use with the ability to write maintainable and resilient programs leveraging the full power of UNIX. These primitives implements common patterns to interact with UNIX utilities as subprocesses. These patterns usually yield a string or a sequence of lines, they will also adequately report error conditions on subprocesses.

Continuous Integration

This software is Copyright © 2017–2023 Michaël Le Barbier and is distributed under the terms described in the LICENSE file.


The Rashell package is beta software and is currently only compatible with the SBCL implementation of Common Lisp.


The Rashell package comes with documentation in PDF, HTML and INFO format.

Future Plans

  • Add support for other Common Lisp implementations, probably using external-program as an interface.
  • Add support for temporary files and directories with mktemp.
  • Add support for further common utilities in additional packages.

Interesting utilities are maybe SCMs such as git, whereas maybe only a few well selected functions would fit. Programs like tar, cpio, building programs make or bmake and the like could also be general enough to fit well in Rashell's additional packages.

Dependencies (5)

  • alexandria
  • cl-atelier
  • cl-confidence
  • cl-ppcre
  • parse-float

Dependents (1)

  • GitHub
  • Quicklisp