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Introduction The cl-tokyo-cabinet system provides access to the Tokyo Cabinet DBM library by Mikio Hirabayashi, via CFFI. See This project started as an experiment to see what Tokyo Cabinet performance would be like when used from Common Lisp. Most of the BDB and hash database functionality are implemented. The API is divided into two parts; a low-level FFI package which is a direct CFFI translation of the Tokyo Cabinet functions and a higher level, more Lisp-centric generic function API on top of that. Having now benchmarked insertion speed against equivalent code using the C BDB API, the results are encouraging (see the perf directory for results). The Lisp API produced a byte-identical database in a wall-time of between 1.1x and 1.6x that taken by the C API (median of 7 runs each). Future work - Duplicated record API for B+ tree databases (requires TCLIST C API). - Range operations for B+ tree databases (requires TCLIST C API). - Implement the table database API. Installation cl-tokyo-cabinet uses ASDF for system definition. Copy or symlink cl-tokyo-cabinet.asd (and optionally cl-tokyo-cabinet-test.asd) to your asdf:*central-registry* and load cl-tokyo-cabinet with the asdf:operate function: (asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op :cl-tokyo-cabinet) or with the equivalent deoxybyte-systems:load-system function: (dxs:load-system :cl-tokyo-cabinet) Tests To run the unit and regression tests you need to have LIFT, deoxybyte-io and deoxybyte-utilities installed. Run the tests with the asdf:operate function: (asdf:operate 'asdf:test-op :cl-tokyo-cabinet) or with the equivalent deoxybyte-systems:test-system function: (dxs:test-system :cl-tokyo-cabinet) cl-tokyo-cabinet is tested using: - SBCL 1.1.14 x86_64 - Tokyo Cabinet 1.4.48 Documentation See the Lisp docstrings, particularly the package docstrings for an overview. HTML documentation may be generated with the command: (dxs:document-system :cl-tokyo-cabinet) at the REPL, provided that CLDOC is installed. Dependencies deoxybyte-systems git:// CFFI Optional dependencies deoxybyte-utilities git:// deoxybyte-io git:// LIFT CLDOC

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  • cffi
  • deoxybyte-io
  • deoxybyte-systems
  • deoxybyte-utilities
  • lift

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