High-level library for making Text User Interfaces

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cl-tui - Text User Interface for Common Lisp

cl-tui is a library for text user interfaces like that of ncmpcpp or Dungeon Crawl

It's intended to be available on Linux and Windows but the latter is rarely tested. Please, report bugs either on github's or SourceForge's issue tracker.

Supported implementations are SBCL, CCL. I want to also support ECL and CLISP but ECL currently can't build osicat (investigated by osicat developers) and CLISP had a lot of issues with ncurses. Any help with CLISP is appreciated.

cl-tui is supposed to be a complete abstraction so if you have to use cl-charms directly for some reason please submit an issue describing your use-case.


Follow the very well-commented examples in the examples directory. Each new feature gets an example and all of them are checked to be in working order on every commit.

Dependencies (7)

  • alexandria
  • anaphora
  • cl-charms
  • cl-containers
  • osicat
  • split-sequence
  • trivial-types

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    • Quicklisp