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Elias Martenson <>



Docbrowser - Web-based Common Lisp documentation browser

Author information

Elias MÃ¥rtenson

Source code repository location

The latest version of Docbrowser can be found at Github:


The application has been tested on SBCL, CCL and CLISP. Please let me know of any issues on other Common Lisp implementations.

Starting the server

After loading the package, run the following command from the REPL:


This will start the docserver on port 8080. A different port number can also be given with an optional :port argument.

To access the docbrowser, point a web browser to http://localhost:8080/

The main page presents a list of all the available packages. You can click on one to see its functions and variables, with their docstrings. You can also go to a function's source.

Dependencies (13)

  • alexandria
  • babel
  • bordeaux-threads
  • cl-json
  • closer-mop
  • cl-yacc
  • colorize
  • flexi-streams
  • hunchentoot
  • parse-number
  • slime
  • split-sequence
  • string-case

Dependents (0)

    • GitHub
    • Quicklisp