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Yukari Hafner <>


## About File-Notify This is a small OS portability library to get notifications for file access and changes. ## How To For the purpose of this tutorial we will assume ``org.shirakumo.file-notify`` has the nickname ``notify``. Before we can even begin, we need to add a file that we want to watch. :: common lisp (notify:watch "~/quicklisp/") :: Watching a directory will report all the events happening within. We can listen for them like this: :: common lisp (notify:with-events (file change :timeout T) (print (list file change))) :: Adding, removing, or changing a file within ``~/quicklisp/`` should now show a corresponding event at the REPL. If we no longer care about a file, it can also be ``unwatch``ed again. For more detailed information on the behaviour and capabilities, please refer to the individual functions. ## Supported Platforms The following platforms are supported: - Linux (inotify) - Windows - macOS (fsevent)

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  • cffi
  • com-on
  • documentation-utils
  • trivial-features

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