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hh-aws This package is a Common Lisp library for acessing the APIs of Amazon Web Services. Current services supported (partially or completely) are: * Simple Storage Service (S3) -- version 3/1/2006 * SimpleDB (SDB) -- version 7/11/2007 * Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) -- version 6/15/2010 * Simple Queue Service (SQS) -- version 1/1/2008 All code in this package is licensed under the MIT License. When possible, the library uses the REST versions of AWS APIs, rather than SOAP. Also, unfortunately, the library is still using older versions of some Amazon services, and are in need of update to newer versions of Amazon APIs. To access AWS, you must have an AWS account. The library uses the *credentials* variable to locate an object which can supply credentials when needed to perform AWS calls. The object in *credentials* can be any object that implements generic methods #'access-key-id and #'secret-key, each of which take a single argument. Each function is expected to return the appropriate value required by AWS. By default, the library uses an internal implementation which assumes the AWS access key id is in a text file located at ~/.aws/access-key-id and the secret key is in a text file located at ~/.aws/secret-key. The library exports #:*credentials, #:access-key-id, and #:secret-key, so you are free to add your own implementation for providing credentials when needed. To test that your installation is working, place your credentials in the files mentioned above, load package :hh-aws-tests, and then run: (lisp-unit:run-all-tests :hh-aws-tests) Note that timing errors or temporary conditions can sometimes make these tests fail. If it appears Amazon has reported service unavailable on one or more calls, just run the tests again, as they will likely then succeed. Contact phil@haphazardhouse.net for any questions, comments, feedback, or contributions, and keep an eye on http://haphazardhouse.net/projects/hh-aws for info and news about this library. Thanks!

Dependencies (7)

  • cl-base64
  • drakma
  • ironclad
  • lisp-unit
  • puri
  • s-xml
  • uuid

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