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# lisp-zmq **WARNING** I have not use this system for years and do not maintain it. Feel free to contact me if you are interested to take ownership of it. ## Description `lisp-zmq` is a Common Lisp binding for the [zeromq]( messaging library. More information can be found on <>. ## Compatibility This binding is compatible with both stable ZeroMQ API available, i.e. ZeroMQ 2.2.x and ZeroMQ 3.2.x with x greater or equal to 2. ZeroMQ 3.0.0 (alpha), ZeroMQ 3.1.0 (beta), ZeroMQ 3.2.0 (RC1) and ZeroMQ 3.2.1 (RC2) are not supported. In `lisp-zmq`, 2.x designates the 2.2.x version, and 3.x designates the 3.2.x ā€” with x greater or equal to 2 ā€” version. ## Contact If you have suggestions, or if you have found a bug, send me a message via Github or mail me at <>.

Dependencies (4)

  • bordeaux-threads
  • cffi
  • fiveam
  • trivial-features

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  • GitHub
  • Quicklisp