Various manifold mesh algorithms

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Yukari Hafner <>


# About Manifolds This library implements a variety of algorithms for querying and creating triangle meshes. Since this is a toolkit library, please refer to the symbol index for the available operations and what they do. Note that the library requires the following format for all mesh data: - Vertices are packed into a single array of a specialised element-type, either single- or double-float, with three consecutive elements describing one vertex. - Faces are triangular only and are also packed into a single array specialised on unsigned-byte 32, with three consecutive elements describing one face in counter-clockwise winding order. The indices are indices of a vertex. Meaning to reach the first element of the vertex in the corresponding vertex array, it must be multiplied by 3. This format is compact, efficient, and compatible with graphics APIs, allowing for easy sharing between libraries and making it convenient to display.

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  • 3d-math
  • 3d-spaces
  • cl-wavefront
  • documentation-utils
  • parachute

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