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Paul Nathan <pnathan@alumni.uidaho.edu>, Paul Nathan


Paul Nathan <pnathan@alumni.uidaho.edu>, Paul Nathan



Paul's Parser for Tom's Own Minimal Language (0.1.0)

Common Lisp TOML parser.

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The library needs to be brought up to 1.0.0 spec.

Compliance notes

  • Supports the TOML v0.1.0 spec with the following exceptions:

  • Complications arising from escaping quote & comment syntax are known

and deferred until someone gets bit and is angry enough to send a pull request fixing them.

  • Not enforcing array homogeneity. Partly this is because of Postel's

dictum, but partly because it might be more convenient to have heterogenous lists. Future work - might add a strict mode which throws errors here.

  • Unicode support may have some issues. It should work, but Unicode

on Common Lisp is sometimes dependant on your system's configuration. Testing should be done before rolling your work to production.

  • Common Lisp is pretty good with numbers. Therefore, instead of

manually differentiating between floats and integers, pp-toml calls them NUMBERS and lets your Lisp take care of the rest. Again, test before rolling to production.


To run the tests, do this:

 sbcl --script run-sbcl-tests.lisp

Which will produce a test report.


Gratefully accepted. Please add test cases for bug reports you fix or features you add.

License is LLGPL.


Since Tom thought it'd be a good idea to put his name on the language, I'm putting my name on this parser.

Dependencies (8)

  • alexandria
  • cl-ppcre
  • esrap
  • fiveam
  • generic-comparability
  • local-time
  • parse-number
  • split-sequence

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