Common Lisp implementation of the Python ConfigParser module

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Erik Huelsmann


$URL: $ $Id: README 19 2008-03-14 20:17:12Z ehuelsmann $ py-configparser =============== This package provides the same functionality as the Python configparser module, implemented in pure Common Lisp. Differences between the two =========================== The CL version makes a strong distinction in the parser on one hand and the in-memory storage management on the other hand. Because of it, the CL version doesn't call its objects 'Parser', but 'config' instead. The parser/writer part of the package provides the three functions READ-STREAM, READ-FILES and WRITE-STREAM, which map from the python variants 'readfp', 'read' and 'write'. API mapping =========== The functions provided in the Python module (which are all methods of the ConfigParser class): ConfigParser() -> (make-config) defaults() -> (defaults <config>) sections() -> (sections <config>) add_section(name) -> (add-section <config> name) has_section(name) -> (has-section-p <config> name) options(section_name) -> (options <config> section-name) has_option(section_name, name) -> (has-option-p <config> section-name name) read(filenames) -> (read-files <config> filenames) readfd(fp) -> (read-stream <config> stream) get(section, option[, raw[, vars]]) -> (get-option <config> section option &key expand defaults type) getint(section, option) -> [folded into get-option using 'type' key] getfloat(section, option) -> [folded into get-option using 'type' key] getboolean(section, option) -> [folded into get-option using 'type' key] items(section_name[, raw[, vars]]) -> (items <config> section-name &key expand defaults) set(section, option, value) -> (set-option <config> section-name option-name value) write(fp) -> (write-stream <config> stream) remove_option(section, option) -> (remove-option <config> section-name option-name) remove_section(section) -> (remove-section <config> section-name) Note that the above is just a simple mapping table, but is all you need to get you started. Documentation from the ConfigParser module should sufficiently document this package. However minor differences in parameter and method naming may occur.

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