Intercept the reader to replace CL syntax with your own

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Francois-Rene Rideau


READER-INTERCEPTION This library allows you to intercept the Lisp reader and replace the Lisp syntax with your own. Applications include: * using COMPILE-FILE to compile files in arbitrary languages, by having a reader that expands the language into Lisp code. * having your own improved syntax replace the CL syntax while using the CL runtime. ==== Exported Functionality ==== The reader-interception library creates a package READER-INTERCEPTION, that exports the following macros and functions: WITH-READER-INTERCEPTION ((HINT READER) &BODY BODY) This macro allows you to intercept the reader within its BODY. READER is a function that has the same interface as #'CL:READ. You must pass a HINT, which must be one of: * the pathname of the file that will be read * the stream that will be read * the string that will be read from * the first character of the file, stream or string that will be read from. * T if you don't know or care which character that will be, but can promise it will be ASCII (char-code strictly less than 128). * NIL if you promise that whichever character will be next read (if any) has already been seen by the reader-interception (notably works on empty files/streams/strings).

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  • fare-utils
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