Functions for installing packages from distro-specific package manager.

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Masataro Asai




This library provides two simple functions for detecting an available package manager and install the binary package. Paired with ASDF, it solves the problem of external library dependency.

Use it in a ASDF system definition

Sophisticated ASDF integration is still on the way, but you can do this, for example:

(defsystem cl-sat.minisat
  :version "0.1"
  :author "Masataro Asai"
  :mailto ""
  :license "LLGPL"
  :depends-on (:trivia :alexandria :iterate :cl-sat)
  :components ((:module "src"
                        ((:file "package"))))
  :description "Common Lisp API to minisat"
  :in-order-to ((test-op (test-op :cl-sat.minisat.test)))
  :defsystem-depends-on (:trivial-package-manager)
  (load-op :before (op c)
           (uiop:symbol-call :trivial-package-manager
                             :apt "minisat"
                             :dnf "minisat2"
                             :yum "minisat2"
                             :brew "minisat"
                             :from-source (format nil "make -C ~a"
                                                  (asdf:system-source-directory :cl-sat.minisat)))))


Package trivial-package-manager (nicknamed as tpm):

browse-package (query-string)

  QUERY-STRING is a string. It opens several package search engines on a browser (with trivial-open-browser).
  URL templates for FORMAT are stored in an exported special variable *SEARCH-ENGINES* .

ensure-program (program &key apt dnf yum pacman yaourt brew macports fink choco from-source env-alist)
ensure-library (library &key apt dnf yum pacman yaourt brew macports fink choco from-source env-alist)
do-install             (&key apt dnf yum pacman yaourt brew macports fink choco from-source)

  PROGRAM is a program name (string) to be checked by `which` command.
  LIBRARY is a library name (string) to be checked by `pkg-config` command. Includes "lib" i.e. libcurl.

  Each keyword argument specifies the package names to be passed on to the corresponding package manager.
  The value of each argument can be a string or a list of strings.

  Specified packages are installed when the program/library is missing.
  DO-INSTALL installs the packages unconditionally.
  ENV-ALIST is an alist of the environment variable/values which are set during the call
  and restored to the original value by unwind-protect. They are used for e.g.

  * Probing the PROGRAM/LIBRARY compiled through FROM-SOURCE by modifying the PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH
  * Building a PROGRAM from source using another locally compiled LIBRARY.
  For package managers which require the sudo access,
  it uses `gksudo` when it is present and DISPLAY variable is set,
  or `sudo` when it is available and `sudo -v` succeeds.
  If none of the package managers are available / when the package is missing (e.g. older distro),
  FROM-SOURCE argument can specify the shell command for fetching/building/installing the program from
  the source code. The command is executed in the *default-pathname-defaults*,
  so care must be taken to bind the appropriate value to the variable.
  The command is usually just "make -C <asdf system definition directory>".

  APT target can be an unofficial repository installable by add-apt-repository.
  "<user>/<repo>/<pkg>" invokes "add-apt-repository ppa:<user>/<repo>", "apt-get update" then "apt-get install <pkg>".

  Homebrew target can be an unofficial repository installable by brew tap.
  "<user>/<repo>/<formula>" invokes "brew tap <user>/<repo>" then "brew install <user>/<repo>/<formula>".
  "<user>/<repo>/<formula> URL" invokes "brew tap <user>/<repo> URL" then "brew install <user>/<repo>/<formula>".

   (ensure-program "gnome-mines" :apt "gnome-mines")
   (ensure-program "gnome-mines" :apt '("gnome-mines")) ; both are ok
   (ensure-library "libcurl" :apt "libcurl4-openssl-dev"
                             :dnf "curl"
                             :yum "curl"
                             :pacman "curl"
                             :brew "curl")


This library is at least tested on implementation listed below:

  • SBCL 1.4.0 on X86-64 Linux 4.10.0-38-generic (author's environment)
  • CCL 1.11

Also, it depends on the following libraries:

  • alexandria by Nikodemus Siivola, and others. : Alexandria is a collection of portable public domain utilities.




Copyright (c) 2017 Masataro Asai (


Licensed under the LLGPL License.

Dependencies (4)

  • alexandria
  • fiveam
  • trivial-features
  • trivial-open-browser
  • GitHub
  • Quicklisp