A self hosted and extensible blogging system built atop Hunchentoot. The user writes blog entries by connecting to their remote image with sly/slime and creates new entries by writing HTML using spinneret.

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This library implements a simple but highly extensible plugin blogging system for Hunchentoot.

It uses its own custom handler to add routes but but you can still use hunchentoots define-easy-handler.

This is designed to be used with Sly/SLIME's remote connection ability, when you want to add a new entry you would open your ssh tunnel, connect with sly/slime and then compile your new entry straight into the source written on your own machine. Ofcourse you could use a makefile so that you can just deploy the image anywhere with all of your previous posts ready to go.

CL-BLOGGY is in use with its default theme @my blog

README needs a rewrite.

if you want to try it, clone the repo to quicklisp/local-projects, register local projects

(ql:quickload :cl-bloggy)
(in-package :cl-bloggy)
<compile the contents of src/test-server.lisp using sly/slime>

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Dependencies (10)

  • alexandria
  • closer-mop
  • cl-str
  • do-urlencode
  • hunchentoot
  • lass
  • local-time
  • lorem-ipsum
  • spinneret
  • xml-emitter

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