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-*- outline -*- * The qbook lisp documentation system qbook generates HTML (or LaTeX) formatted code listings of Common Lisp source files. Comments in the source code are rendered as HTML paragraphs, text is rendered in <pre> blocks. Headings are created by preceding the text of the comment with one or more #\* chars. This is inspired by Luke Gorrie's pbook.el. * How to use it qbook can be started directly from ASDF. Be sure to have loaded the qbook system: (asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op 'qbook) Assuming that your ASDF package is calle pkg, use the following commands to create the documentation in 1) HTML format: (asdf:oos 'qbook:publish-op :pkg :generator (make-instance 'qbook:html-generator :output-directory "/path/to/folder/" :title "Documentation for pkg")) 2) LaTeX format: (asdf:oos 'qbook:publish-op :pkg :generator (make-instance 'qbook:latex-generator :output-file "/path/to/file" :title "Documentation for pkg"))

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