A container widget which switches between children widgets when user changes an url.

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Alexander Artemenko <>



Reblocks Navigation Widget



You can install this library from Quicklisp, but you want to receive updates quickly, then install it from

(ql-dist:install-dist ""
                      :prompt nil)
(ql:quickload :reblocks-navigation-widget)


This addon for Reblocks frameworks allows you to define which widgets should be shown to the user dependening on URL's path.

The main entry-point is defroutes macro. Use it to define a subclass of navigation widget and then return this widget from the session initialization method of your Reblocks application.


macro reblocks-navigation-widget:defroutes class-name &rest rules

Defines a new class with name CLASS-NAME, inherited from navigation-widget.

And a function make-{class-name} to make instances of this class.

Each entry in rules should be a list of two items. First item is a regex pattern to match URL path. Second item is a form to create a widget. A new widget will be created only if URL was changed.

Here is an example of a widget with two rules:

(defroutes tasks-routes
        ("/tasks/d+" (make-task-page))
        ("/tasks/" (make-task-list "Make my first Reblocks app"
                                   "Deploy it somewhere"
                                   "Have a profit")))

With these rules, when user opens URL /tasks/ a widget returned by MAKE-TASK-LIST will be set as current-widget and shown to the user. If user clicks on some task and URL change to /tasks/100500, then a widget for a task will be created by a call to MAKE-TASK-PAGE.

Pay attention that widget creation form is responsible for extraction of the parameters from the URL. In above case, MAKE-TASK-PAGE should call REBLOCKS/REQUEST:GET-PATH and parse path to extract task's id. Probably this will change in future defroutes will catch matched path pieces.

class reblocks-navigation-widget:navigation-widget (ui-widget)

Base class for all navigation widgets.

When rendered it tracks if URL was changed and creates a new child widget according to given navigation rules.

Usually you don't want to inherit from this class manually, but instead use defroutes macro.

reader reblocks-navigation-widget:current-widget (navigation-widget) (= nil)

reader reblocks-navigation-widget:current-path (navigation-widget) (= nil)

reader reblocks-navigation-widget:navigation-rules (navigation-widget) (:rules)

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