A Common Lisp web framework, successor of the Weblocks.

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Reblocks is the fork of the Weblocks web frameworks written by Slava Akhmechet and maintained by Scott L. Burson and Olexiy Zamkoviy.

Some time ago I (Alexander Artemenko) found this old Weblocks and liked its idea of building web application out of widgets. But framework's code was complex and hard to change. Thus I decided to refactor it into a smaller core plus separate libraries implementing more advanced features.

A few years this refactored code lived in the repository and it was possible to install it from Ultralisp only. I didn't publish it to Quicklisp to not break sites using old version of the Weblocks. But at January 2022 I decided to rename ASDF system into the "reblocks" to make it installable from the Quicklisp under this name.

Core Features of Reblocks

  • Application pages are built from "widgets".

  • All business logic could be implemented in Common Lisp in server-side.

  • Framework's code is separated by functionality into a separate packages.

  • Project now has a hyperlinked documentation with code snippets and embedded interactive demos.

Framework's API is still under active development. All significant changes are described in the ChangeLog. You can add ChangeLog page into your RSS reader to be notified on new releases.

Removed Features

These features are present in the oldshool Weblocks version but were removed from the core of the Reblocks. Some of them might be implemented as a separate ASDF systems.

  • Views

  • Templates

  • Forms

  • Continuation based dialogs

You can read about these tools in the Removed Features section.

Learning Reblocks

To learn, how to use Reblocks to build a simple single-page application, proceed to the Quickstart section.

To learn how a real-world application can be built, inspect Ultralisp's code:

Getting Support

You can get support in our Gitter Chat:

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