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Basic functions and macros, interfaces, pure and stateful datastructures

A generic container library for Common Lisp

DSL for array slices in Common Lisp.

A library providing functions that unify data-structure access for Common Lisp: access and (setf access)



A few different kinds of queues, with optional multithreading synchronization.

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A library for binary trees in normal and balanced flavors

cl-speedy-queue is a portable, non-consing, optimized queue implementation.



An implementation of heap and priority queue data structures.

Array operations library for Common Lisp

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A queue interface -- used to create and manipulate queue structures from simple-queue, priority-queue, or their concurrent versions (cqueue).

A compact binomial heap implementation.

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Binary search tree

Extensible cache services for Common Lisp

Long name alias for lil

Various heap/priority queue data structures

Generic hashtable code

A library providing a data-table class, and useful functionality around this

Provides implementations of the standard sub-string search (string matching) algorithms: brute-force, Boyer-Moore, Rabin-Karp, etc.



See <>.

A wrapper around native hash-tables to facilitate in-process caching of common lisp data structures.

A fast, purely functional data structure library

Binary Heap for Common Lisp.

Generic interfaces for collections and iterators.

the folio2 umbrella system

Lazy forms for Common Lisp.

Defines a new kind of package that's named by a symbol rather than a string and that maps from existing symbols to their respective "implicitly managed" counterparts. The motivating use-case is to conceptually allow multiple definitions of the same kind on a single symbol, without conflicts.

Perceptual hash algorithms for images



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An implementation of the doubly-linked list in Common Lisp.



Set-like data structure.

A collection of basic utilities for syntactic extension and basic data structure handling, developed over the years of CL history by efforts of different individuals, and gathered under the unbrella of a hierarchy of packages which can be used on-demand.

Encodes Common Lisp data structures in Apple property list XML format (.plist).

Tree data structure supporting functional manipulation

Data structures, ranges, ranges algorithms.

Common Lisp implementation of Trie data structure.

An implementation of the doubly linked list data structure.

An implementation of the hash-set data structure.

Dictionary & set data structure using hash array-mapped tries

System mnas-graph defines basic functions for creating a graph data structure and displaying it via graphviz.

Simple in-memory tabular data structure and utility methods.

Serialization of Common Lisp data structures

Lockless data structures

An implementation of the AVL tree data structure.

An implementation of the red-black search tree data structure.

An implementation of the slot-map data structure.

Generalized reference over structured data by pairwise reduction of arbitrary place identifiers for Common Lisp.

An implementation of the binary search tree data structure.

An implementation of the sparse set data structure.

An implementation of the quad tree data structure.

Core of the Geneva document preparation system. Provides data structures and syntax sugar.

Quadtree data structure in Common Lisp

makes listoflist an xarray'able data structure.

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