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Ensures consistent *FEATURES* across multiple CLs.

Compatibility layer for Gray Streams (see

Bordeaux Threads makes writing portable multi-threaded apps simple.

Portable finalizers, weak hash-tables and weak pointers.

Create vectors allocated in static memory.

Portable pathname library

An abstraction layer over platform dependent functionality

I/O library.

minimalistic parser of command line arguments

trivial-clipboard let access system clipboard.

A lightweight operating system interface

A library for accessing octet-addressed blocks of data in big- and little-endian orders

A library to provide a unified way to work with package locks across supported common lisp implementations.

Call registered function when Common Lisp Exits.

GARBAGE-POOLS is Common Lisp re-implementation of the APR Pools for resource management.

No Description

A simple semaphore class for bordeaux-threads inspired by SBCL's semaphore.

Simple library to create temporary directories

Terminfo database front-end.

Asynchronous operations for Common Lisp.

Common Lisp syslog interface.

No Description

Easy to use command line option parser

No Description

Inotify binding.

Helpers for doing raw POSIX I/O

Lispified bindings to libusb-0.1.

library for serial communication inspired by lispworks' serial-port

No Description

A library providing an easy-to-use API for working with memory-mapped files.

A lightweight threading / cooperative multitasking library.

Literate Programming System for Common Lisp

The Ops5 programming language for production systems

A literate programming system for Common Lisp

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