Bindings to libmixed, a sound mixing and processing library.

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Nicolas Hafner <>


Nicolas Hafner <>


# About cl-mixed This is a bindings library to "libmixed"(, an audio mixing and processing library. ## How To Precompiled versions of the underlying library are included in this for most common system combinations. If you want to build it manually however, refer to the "libmixed"( repository. Examples on how to use cl-mixed can be found in the "examples"(link examples/) directory. This also includes an example on how to create a custom audio processing element in pure lisp. cl-mixed also ships a variety of "extension"(link extensions/) systems providing segments that can be used for playing back audio on various sound systems, or reading audio from various formats.

Dependencies (13)

  • alexandria
  • bordeaux-threads
  • cffi
  • cl-flac
  • cl-mpg123
  • cl-out123
  • cl-sdl2
  • cl-vorbis
  • com-on
  • documentation-utils
  • float-features
  • static-vectors
  • trivial-features

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  • Quicklisp