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Alexandria is a collection of portable public domain utilities.

A few simple tools to help you with documenting your library.



No Description

Number parsing library

Basic functions and macros, interfaces, pure and stateful datastructures

Portable, matchable implementation of quasiquote

string-case is a macro that generates specialised decision trees to dispatch on string equality

A library providing functions that unify data-structure access for Common Lisp: access and (setf access)

A bag-of-tools utilities library used to aid in implementing the toolkit

These are's Common Lisp basic utilities.

Utilities beyond Alexandria.

Sundry utilities for J.P. Larocque.



Portability library for Common Lisp programs

Simple, portable tools for dealing with CLOS objects.

Various utilities, this is the most basic system that only introduce a small number of external dependencies.

A collection of basic utilities for syntactic extension and basic data structure handling, developed over the years of CL history by efforts of different individuals, and gathered under the unbrella of a hierarchy of packages which can be used on-demand.



No Description

A collection of utilities for pathname manipulation.

cl-ana is a free (GPL) data analysis library in Common Lisp providing tabular & binned data analysis along with nonlinear least squares fitting & visualization.

Tools to mock functions for unit tests

a literate programming tool to write common lisp codes in org file.



David Owen's utilities.

These are the rest of's Common Lisp utilities

S-UTILS is collection of Common Lisp utilities

Utilities to help in writing scripts in CL

INCF CL is a library of convenience functions for Common Lisp

Various method combinations and utilities to make it easy to create new method combinations.

Validating formlets for Hunchentoot

A protocol for flexible and composable printing.

Formatting of binary data similar to the od(1) UNIX program.

This system provides simple facilities for printing tree structures.

Ease common tasks at the REPL.

A collection of useful functions and macros.

A few utilities for working with arrays.

Common Lisp MOP utilities

A set of utilities for manipulating strings in CL.

Utilities for manipulating association lists

A collection of utilities to destructure lambda forms.

CSV parsing/writing utilities, a la Microsoft Excel

Utilities for extensible namespaces in Common Lisp.



Simple (word) wrapping utilities for strings.

Utilities using the MOP; notably make informative pretty-printing trivial

Amazon AWS low-level utilities

Common utilities for loading/distributing foreign libraries

Concurrency utilities

Memory handling utilities

Various utilities for OpenGL

Various utilities for math

A collection of utilities to ratify, validate and parse inputs.

Utilities for parsing Lisp code.

A library providing a clutch of utilities to make working with clsql easier

Utilities for manipulating time ranges and distances, based on LOCAL-TIME.

modula's utilities

A collection of components and utilities for use in Qt applications.

Math utilities for working with rational numbers and intervals.

Provides portable file mappings and related utilities.




Game programming utilities

Utilities for dealing with COM interfaces.

Graph manipulation utilities for Common Lisp

A collection of utilities for filesystem interaction.

MT's Common Lisp utilities.

Utilities for building data transformations from composable functions, modeled on lenses and transducers

Amazon Cognito Utilities

Utilities for stream oriented reader.

Common Lisp library and utilities for inspecting COVID-19 data

Various debug utilities such as lexical tracing, etc.

Kenny's Utilities

Multithreading utilities

Wrapper for implementation dependent tiny utilities.

Tiny utilities for TREe-STRUctured-List.

Some utilities for using vectors

Utilities for Common Lisp JSON library jsown

Utilities to start SLYNK if needed and to track active connections.

HTML field rendering and input validation utilities written in Common Lisp



Provides a few utilities relating to setfable places.

Utilities for sending messages to Growl on Mac OS X.

Utilities for working with Microsoft MSI files.

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