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Web application environment for Common Lisp



A Common Lisp library for working with Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) and CloudFront content delivery service.

A DOM tree searching engine based on CSS selectors.

A framework for building REST services using CLOS.

Super micro framework for Common Lisp.

A library to allow jQuery-like HTML/DOM manipulation.



A library for encoding text in various web-savvy encodings.

(X)HTML generation macros

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WebSocket protocol handler

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Lisp Augmented Style Sheets. Compiles LASS to CSS.

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WebSockets for Hunchentoot

RESTAS is a Common Lisp web application framework, based on the Hunchentoot HTTP server. It was developed to simplify development of web applications following the REST architectural style.

An HTML templating engine using Plump.

Chirp Twitter client featuring full API coverage.

A tool to help talk to mediawiki's api.

Tools for developing Ajaxy web applications

Syntax extensions akin to Racket's Scribble and Bigloo's Skribe

An interface to Twitter

A Windows Azure library for Common Lisp.

simple AJAX for Hunchentoot

Common Lisp OAuth implementation

Multiprotocol fast networking framework

A Tumblr API interface

Simple OaUTH library for oAuth1.0

FirePHP debug utility

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oAuth 1.0a server and client implementation, the successor to South.

A small Ajax framework for hunchentoot using parenscript




UncommonWeb : Standard Components

Clath is single sign-on middleware for Clack. It allows basic login with OAuth1.0a, OAuth2 and OpenID Connect.

Generic interace library for talking with credit card processors.

Trivial support for the recaptcha service

AWS SES email sender using Signature Version 4 of Amazon's API

A Common Lisp Amazon S3 client interface package

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Client for Philips Hue light controller

The CL-RDFXML system provides functionality for processing RDF/XML serializations of RDF graphs. RDF/XML processes XML using Closure XML (CXML), and handles URIs using PURI.

A system for semi-automatically documenting Common Lisp packages.

A WebDAV server written in Common Lisp




CLWS implement the WebSocket Protocol as described by RFC6455[1] (as well as some older drafts implemented by recent browsers [2][3][4][5]). Only a WebSockets server implementation is provided. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Selenium is a test tool for web applications. cl-selenium is a Common Lisp interface to Selenium.

defrest: expose functions as REST webservices for ajax or other stuff

Fast, thread-safe library to interface with the Memcached Object Cache.



The Common Lisp stack-based application controller

An interface to the Moneris payment processing service (HTTP).



CL-NTRIPLES is a simple basic parser for Ntriples data.

Common Lisp SQL Fluid Connection Pools

Validating formlets for Hunchentoot

Common lisp implementation of TextMagic API to send SMS



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Lisp Markup Language



Lisp Markup Language

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High-level Flickr interface

Common Lisp wrapper for the web service.

CL-PAYMILL is a common lisp interface to the Paymill payment service API. See

A paypal express checkout API in Common Lisp.

Optimized WebSocket protocol parser

cl-webdriver-client is a binding library to the Selenium 4.0

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An iolib based HTTP server.

A base for weblocks stores

CLOS-based wrapper builder for Web APIs

Framework for defining [oauth] http api client & sever.

Reblocks extension allowing to add a bidirectional communication via Websocket between a backend and Reblocks widgets.

A client to online web-server translators, currently only google translate

A library for Amazon Web Services signing version 4

Weblocks like widgets for caveman2.

An evented webserver for Common Lisp.

Common Lisp web apps on the desktop

A minimal web server originally built by stripping down Edi Weitz's Hunchentoot

A unifying template matcher based on closure-html for web scraping and extraction

A web forms handling library

Web-based Common Lisp documentation browser

Trivial WebSockets.

A simple WebSocket server implementation for lichat.

Portable websockets.

A cache busting static file middleware for the clack web framework.

A Common Lisp web framework, successor of the Weblocks.

A set of UI widgets for Reblocks web framework!

Library for serializing WebAssembly modules to binary .wasm files

An utility to define JavaScript dependencies for Weblocks widgets using Parenscript.

Web scraping library

A system to add an authentication to the Reblocks based web-site.

Common Lisp system for decoding public JSON Web Keys (JWK)

A one function library to return a mime-type based on the file extension found at the end of a string. ie abc.txt -> text/plain. The common types implemented are from

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